Arbor Forest Management

Established in 2018, Arbor Forest Management Ltd. is one of the newest forestry companies in the industry. However, with over 40 years of combined experience, our professional team provides a high-quality service to clients nationwide, managing forest portfolios on a turnkey basis.

Our key goal is to provide forest management services to the highest professional standards, with our primary focus being on increasing the value of the land to the forest owner.

Meet Our Team

John Roche Arbor

John Roche

Managing Director

Email: john@arbor.ie
Phone: 083 062 0200

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Jenny Hynes Arbor

Jenny Hynes

Chief Operating Officer

Email: jenny@arbor.ie
Phone: 021 235 5300

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Alan Egan Arbor

Alan Egan

Regional Manager

Email: alan@arbor.ie
Phone: 086 010 3510

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Peter Whooley Arbor

Peter Whooley

Forestry Manager

Email: peter@arbor.ie
Phone: 086 067 0407

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David Nolan

David Nolan

Forest Investment Manager

Email: david.nolan@arbor.ie
Phone: 086 882 5414

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Oisin Kenny

Oisín Kenny

Forestry Manager

Email: oisin@arbor.ie
Phone: 086 010 3525

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Jonathan Anderson Arbor

Jonathan Anderson

Forestry Management Advisor

Email: jonathan@arbor.ie
Phone: 087 978 7354

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Fiona O Brien Arbor

Fiona O’Brien

Office Manager

Email: fiona@arbor.ie
Phone: 021 235 5300

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Dorothy Hewitt Arbor

Dorothy Hewitt

Financial Controller

Email: dorothy@arbor.ie
Phone: 087 652 8965

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Donna Sweetman Arbor

Donna Sweetman

Certification Manager

Email: donna@arbor.ie
Phone: 021 235 5300

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